Okay time to get this off the ground. This will be a blog about my favourite music, and about ideas for composing and improvising. I noticed long ago almost all my favourite music is linked to African-American traditions. But there are complexities around being a white Irishman writing about “black music”.

So, some quick disclaimers. There are other musicians and experts who know more than me about everything I’ll talk about. (I play and compose, and have a masters in Jazz Bass from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.) My interest in African-American culture fits in a long lineage of contacts and appropriations that range from the naive to the problematic. But good things can come out of this lineage, e.g. the writing of Jeff Titon., or the music of Alan Wilson. So I’ll aim high and try to be critical, “Be alert and beware.

Comment if you have any suggestions, or anything else to say.
Onto the good stuff.

Author: drumchant

I'm a student software developer in Dublin, Ireland. Until November 2019 I was a full-time bass player. My old posts were about black music, plus some cultural and tech criticism; now I mostly write about programming. Thank you for visiting Drum Chant!

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