4-Month Roundup

I was pretty sick last week so, while I recharge my batteries and get inspiration for some more blog posts, here’s a roundup of all that I’ve written about since I started – 18 articles! See which ones you missed!

How To Make It Big

Lit-crit look at the themes of 90s East Coast hip hop song. The most journalistic piece on this blog, due to my obvious passion for the track and the decent amount of research I put in.

Loop The Loop

Tips for making drum loops. I should write something else in that vein.

Some Of My Best Friends Are Syncopations

Bebop rhythm analysis.

The Real Blues Scale? Part 1

Talking about some Delta Blues melodies using a concept of “timbre-harmony”. This piece could have done with more examples and more exacting analysis.

Fun In Seven

Finding applications for some 7/4 grooves. This was the first post with videos (of me playing), and went down well for that reason I think! Videos, text and notation is a nice format for explaining music. It’s also nice to make a post about whatever I’ve been practising, it motivates me to get some concrete work done.

The Real Blues Scale? Part 2

I prefer this to part 1 because I have a much wider selection of examples. Quite a radical perspective on blues here in a way… I’m proud of this one.

Post-Dubstep Aesthetics

Analysing a UK dance tune. I learnt a lot from this, not that I’m planning on writing any dubstep any time soon.

Circular Rhythm

Demonstrating techniques for rhythmic improvisation on a groove.


Discussing styles of creativity in hip hop. This is my favourite article I’ve done so far, just because of the insights I came up with!

Alternate Paths on a Blues

Explaining and exploring the concept of “negative dominant” harmony in jazz. This one was cool because Steve Coleman, who is a hero of mine and one of the major inspirations for this blog, left some laconic but approving comments about it on Facebook. (“Negative dominants” are basically his concept.)

Maximally Even Rhythms Part 1

A maths-y look at a type of syncopated rhythm.

Truck on Down and Dig Me, Jack

Analysing some lyrics by the jazz/blues/jive entertainer Louis Jordan. I was hoping to get some more reaction/traffic because I investigated racist and anti-racist coded meanings in his songs, but no….

Enough With The Scales

A short polemic against a certain style of jazz pedagogy. This one did get the reaction I was hoping for, sparking off some impassioned comments on my Facebook page and by far the most views of any article here.

Maximally Even Rhythms Part 2

I think this one is packed with interesting info, but I have to admit it got very technical.

Independence Day

Discussing some exercises to increase rhythmic independence in a jazz context. I’ll definitely be returning to this subject soon. All of the rhythm-oriented pieces I’ve written for Drum Chant seem to have been guiding me in a particular direction of becoming ever more aware of physicality, both my movements on the instrument and my kinesthetic imagination.

History Of A Passing Chord

Analysing different ways to reach the II- or V7 chord on bar 9 of a 12-bar blues, focusing on parallel movements such as III- bIII- II-. Good info here I think.

6 Bassline Strategies

Ideas for writing funky basslines.

Are Videogames The New Jazz?

Speculation about virtual reality and music.

… back to business next week! Let’s see how the next 4 months go.

Author: drumchant

I'm a student software developer in Dublin, Ireland. Until November 2019 I was a full-time bass player. My old posts were about black music, plus some cultural and tech criticism; now I mostly write about programming. Thank you for visiting Drum Chant!

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