Winding Down

Just a quick note to say, I’ve decided to stop posting regularly here after around 30 posts in 7 months!

It’s been a massive pleasure. What I had imagined would be a very nerdy, explorative blog on advanced rhythm and jazz concepts took a slightly different route. My personal tastes, and even where I am in my musical career, pushed me into investigating what are the musical forces that mean the most to me.

I ended up developing a pretty satisfying web of concepts all coming from my love of African-American music: (deep breath)

  • interlocking
  • directionality (and targeting)
  • timbralism in harmony and melody
  • physicality, kinetic metaphors and body movement
  • rhythmic independence
  • the interconnectedness of popular styles in Europe and America
  • manifesting
  • navigating cyclic forms
  • surface vs. underlying ground, displacement vs. rootedness, dissemination vs. locality
  • multiplicity and double consciousness

And more I can’t recall off the top of my head. None of these are particularly original, and I knew about them before I started Drum Chant. But, from the weekly pressure of having to demonstrate them in blog posts, they’re currently nicely active in my head. I’m confident I can apply them anytime I hear, or write, new music.

Throughout my time in jazz education, I felt that I didn’t really get what was going on and couldn’t easily create music that I liked (these feelings hindered connections with other musicians). To some degree, I think I’ve overcome that. The solution always seemed to be, putting faith in intuitions that I’d had all along.

(For my analytical personality type, “putting faith in” translates as “thinking up an ontology for”.)

Anyway, rather than keep working on these concepts, I want to find ways to apply them in the real world.

I also want to do things that push me to connect with more people, whether gigs, collaborations, or online content with a broader appeal.

Thank you for reading. I’ll probably post again, but not on any schedule! Enjoy the pieces I have up and feel free to comment on any of them.


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